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A medium duty biodegradable, environmentally safe degreaser. Formulated to replace
environmentally hazardous solvents. User friendly. A very versatile product. Depending on the strength, BUZZZ can be used to remove oil/grease off an engine and to remove tree sap/tar off a vehicle.

Heavy-duty, high alkaline product that will neutralize acidic soils. Emulsifies, penetrates,
and SOLUBLIZES tenacious grease and grime deposits. GRIME STOPPER is biodegradable, but must be used with caution since it has a high free alkali content and will strip paint. There are superior wetting agents that provide a totally clean free rinse.

A powerful emulsifable degreaser containing NO hazardous solvents. Formulated with orange extract (d’Limonene) and detergents to obtain the maximum cleaning power while remaining environmentally safe. Use to degrease motors, parts, concrete floors, etc. Works great in parts washers and pressure washers.

A synthetic blend of superior cleaning agents that are Totally Neutral which enables this material to be used at very high concentrations. Also, enacting a lifting effect of the soil without damaging the sealer or equipment.

A unique product specifically designed for synthetic spend Hydrocarbons. Spend less time on labor by using Super Kleen.


Hand Cleaners


Fast wipes (towels) utilize a waterless cleaner that cuts through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives. They’re available in a variety of sizes sure to fit your needs. d’Limonene added upon request.


Liquid Hand soap. pearlescent liquid hand soap. Refreshing Lemon scent. pH Adjusted.


Antibacterial Hand Cleaner.

Same cleaning and conditioning characteristics as Omni Bath, with antiseptic added. Gold colo.


Waterless Hand Cleaner.


Waterless hand cleaner with Grit

a heavy-duty waterless hand cleaner which contains skin conditioners and emollients. Available to dispense in a variety of methods.

Immersion Tanks

A hot tank or immersion tank compound designed for the industrial cleaning market at low temperature operation. It strips rust and paint. Beaver Blast does it all. Items should be fully immersed for best results. Length of immersion is dependent upon the temperature and concentration level of the solution. Contains surfactants that prevent flash rusting. Saves BTU’s which saves you money!

A powdered low temperature tank or cabinet compound formulated for heavy duty cleaning of aluminum parts. Promotes longer tank life and will rinse clean with no smutting. Soils will sludge out and will not redeposit on the cleaned article.

Industrial strength synthetic detergent package. This superior product is designed for use in a pressure washer cabinet with special attention given to its Low Foam Characteristic.

Space Age cleaner with combination of surfactants and ingredients designed to clean steel and aluminum parts in a high pressure cabinet enclosure. Controlled foam allows for complete rinse.

Kitchen & Bath

A biodegradable product that strips away animal fats, vegetable oils, grime , and carbonized deposits. This ultra heavy duty concentrated cleaner is ideal for use in commercial and institutional kitchens for cleaning hoods, grills, floors, walls, and equipment.

Gently lifts soil and grime and strips the dulling film left by soap scum. It can be used every day without harm to mirror, porcelain or chrome fixtures. Contains NO acids or harsh chemicals – will not produce irritating fumes or painful skin rashes! Great in the bath or kitchen.
Pleasant mint scent.

Ready to Use one step disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide and deodorizer. Registered by law to kill all harmful bacteria and fungi, including the HIV virus.

Recommended for cleaning windows, mirrors, light fixtures showcased, windshields, counters, desk tops, and every type of glass. This formulation also includes an extra ingredient to remove grease and grime. Non-streaking.

Contains powerful cleaners that quickly cut through heavy grease to soften and remove stubborn dried food. The long lasting suds clean more dishes, more effectively, more completely, yet mild to the hands.

Concentrated disinfectant/cleaner


Newly highly concentrated all purpose detergent with built in penetrating action. Soaks deep down into every surface to loosen and dissolve embedded soils and float them to the surface. Contains no soap or free alkali and is 100% biodegradable. No soap film or scum remains after the floor has been cleaned.

Powerful wax stripper. Effectively lifts up old hard crusty wax.

Long wearing finish of cross-link metallic ions. Detergent resistant. Use on all types of floors. Clear, transparent and non-yellowing. No buffing required. Non-slip. Can be purchased in a range of solids from 16 % to 24 %. SUPER SHINE is the best wax money can buy.

Water Emulsion. Ideal to prepare, seal and undercoat floors prior to application of wax or finish. Fills pores of porous finishes for longer ware and enhance the appearance of the finished floor. Transparent, durable, quick drying, non-flammable. Great concrete sealer.

DRIVE-A-WAY oil, grease and grime from concrete surfaces, car ports and garages with this specially formulated product to handle the toughest of soils. This product can help prevent the disintegration of concrete surfaces by sealing the surface pores.




Heavy duty biodegradable detergents that has the strength to clean tough grease and soil. Since it is concentrated, use only ½ cup per load. This special formulation is very low sudsing which allows for easy rinsing of the detergent from the clothes. Available in liquid or powder.

A liquid additive for use in spot removing. Boosts the cleaning power of laundry detergents when washing stained or grease impregnated articles.

Multi-component detergent suitable for industrial laundries.

Super concentrated builder/break for multi-component laundry systems.

A laundry sour that neutralizes alkali and detergent residue in the laundry.

A granular oxygen destainer that is chlorine-free, for use on colored fabrics.


A pleasant air freshener designed to tackle the heaviest of odors.

A gel product formulated to remove wax buildup on vertical surfaces.

Dissolves acid buildup, corrosion, grease and oil.

Stops the slipping and squeaking of belts caused by increasing the adhesion of belts to metal pulleys and rollers. Helps belts last longer and improves equipment efficiency. Contains special non-oily, adhesive synthetic ingredients designed to work on wet or dry surfaces. Fast penetrating solvents leave belt well conditioned.

A non-flammable safety solvent excellent for cleaning automotive brakes, machinery, tools, molds, painted surfaces, fiberglass and many plastics. Leaves no residue, is non-corrosive, and has a high dialectic strength.

Keep critical engine components in top working condition with regular use of this product. Safe for computer controlled exhaust systems and is a V.O.C. compliant formula.

A multi-use cleaner/degreaser. An excellent citrus cased product formulated to remove water and oil borne soils. Emulsifiers keep soil and grease in suspension until wiped away. May be harmful to some plastics.

A non-flammable cleaner ideal for quickly removing oil, grease, dirt and foreign material from precision mechanical and electrical instruments and controls with no effect on the article itself. May be harmful to some plastics, pre-test on small area.

Provides quick starts in extreme cold weather. Contains fine upper cylinder lubricants and corrosive inhibitors.

An instant stain rejecter. Product protects fabrics from dirt, grease and water stains.

Glass cleaner contains powerful ingredients to cut through grease and grime with little effort. Cleans and shines plastic tile, chrome fixtures, metal and painted surfaces, porcelain, and fiberglass.

Contains a unique blend of of non-flammable ingredients that reduces surface tension to allow rapid, deep penetration of corroded parts. Protects parts against further corrosion. Loosens rusted bolts, pipe fittings, exhaust systems and other parts.

A high pressure penetrating lubricant with Teflon for stronger action.

A non-flammable degreaser that does not contain trychloroethane 111. For fast removal of grease, tar, adhesive, chewing gum and ink. Used on engines, brake parts, running motors, upholstery, clothing and carpets.

Cleans and polishes stainless steel.

Solvent based cleaner formulated for removing oil and grease based stains from colorfast material including delicate fabrics. No residue left, non-flammable and leaves no lasting odor.

Quick drying with a hi bond synthetic adhesive bonding agent.

Product is a contact insecticide that is non-flammable and electrically non-conductive for spraying wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, bees, ticks and mites. Can be used at distances up to 30 feet.

Multi-purpose lubricants. The type of grease (red, white, or lithium) recommended depends on whether it is used in garages, food manufacturing and transporting, or high temperatures situations.

A multi-purpose lubricant using special blend of silicones that waterproofs, rustproofs, prevents sticking, stops squeaks and is non-staining. Also, available in USDA rate for food grade.


Formulated specifically to eliminate odor causing bacteria formed by the fermentation of grain and other materials in the wing tanks of barges and boats. This fermentation can cause flammable methane gas, contamination and odor.

Liquid wash detergent gives maximum economy and all-weather versatility.
Tough road grime is no problem with the powerful surfactants built in this product. Biodegradable and user friendly.

A hi-pressure car wash that wipes out road deposits and even carbonized soils. Protects metals, free-rinsing, and leaves all surfaces sparkling clean.

A highly concentrated blend of biodegradable surfactants, inorganic mineral acids, and water softening agents. A superior cleaner and brightener for stainless steel and aluminum trailers. Fast acting and free rinsing.

Used in car wash rinse systems to bead water leaving car dry and with a high gloss finish. Leaves a fine but durable temporary protective finish. Formulated without hard waxes to avoid streaking on car, glass or chrome.

Concentrated liquid used in car wash systems, dilution is necessary. Manual application can also be used. Removes tough road oils, grease, bugs, and curb scuffs.

Special blend of silicone polymers and cleaners in a low odor water-based formula that prevents drying, cracking, checking and fading. Can be used on rubber and plastic bumpers, moldings, mud flaps and any leather/vinyl surface. Just spray it on and wipe it off.

Other products used in this industry are listed in solvents, aerosols and degreasers.


(Perchloroethylene) Used to clean coils and generators.

Used as a heat-transfer fluid mainly in the transportation industry.

A blended solvent used in removing carbon and soil from parts. Fast drying and leaves no residue.

A heavy duty tar like substance that protects parts while being stored in inclement weather.

Removes a protective coating (solvacote) from parts that have been stored.

Ninety-two (92) percent of toluene is used as a component of gasoline. One percent of toluene is used in solvents in paints, inks, adhesives, and cleaning agents, and in chemical extractions. The remainder is used in the chemical synthesis of benzene, urethane foams, and other organic chemicals

Used primarily as a solvent to remove grease from metal parts, particularly in the automotive and metals industries. As a general solvent or as a component of solvent blends, trichloroethylene is used with adhesives, lubricants, paints, varnishes, paint strippers, pesticides, and cold metal cleaners.

A Non-chlorinated product used in removing brake fluid, grease and oil contaminates from brake linings and drums. No need for mechanical scrubbing with this product, leaves no residue, parts dry fast and clean without having to disassemble the brake unit.

Used as a heat-transfer fluid, in aircraft and runway de-icing mixtures, to provide freeze-thaw stabilization to latex coatings and to improve flexibility and drying time on oil paints, etc.

A blended super strength solvent cleaner used to remove glue substances and does not contain ketones that will attack plastic surfaces.


Methyl ethyl ketone used as a solvent for coatings, adhesives, magnetic tapes, printing inks, pesticide formulations

Water Treatment

BWC 154
A polymer dispersant that is used to aid in the removal of calcium, magnesium and lime scale build up.

BWC 156
An alkalinity builder along with proprietary surfactants.

BWC 159
An oxygen scavenger that prevents corrosion.

A concentrated blend of neutralizing amines for the use in neutralizing carbon dioxide in condensated return water. Specify high, low or variant pressure.

Polyaluminum Hydroxychloride is an effective in a broad range of potable water and waste water treatment applications as a coagulant and emulsion breaker. ACH works effectively to remove a wide range of oily wastes and many other contaminants from process waste waters. ACH works extremely well to coagulate organic and inorganic material from surface waters and well waters intended for portable use. The product is also very effective in color removal from waste water and from potable water. The high activity of ACH allows it to be used at low to moderate dosage rates, depending on the specific product application.

This product is a high molecular weight anionically charged emulsion polymer. It is an effective agent for increasing settling rates of suspended materials in waste waters.

Raw alkaline and acid are used to adjust the PH of the waste water.

Formulated with live bacterial cultures, free enzymes and odor control additives. Digest organic waste and controls odors in drains, sewers, septic tanks, etc.


A non-flammable safety solvent excellent for cleaning automotive brakes, machinery, tools, molds, painted surfaces, fiberglass and many plastics. Leaves no residue, is non-corrosive, and has a high dialectic strength.

Formulated specifically to eliminate odor causing bacteria formed by the fermentation of grain and other materials in the wing tanks of barges and boats. This fermentation can cause flammable methane gas, contamination and odor.

Formulated with live bacterial cultures, free enzymes and odor control additives. Digest organic waste and controls odors in drains, sewers, septic tanks, etc.

A spray liquid on clean surface that is being welded. When there is a leak, bubbles will show. Very economical to use.

A high performance potassium acetate based liquid deicer. Where environmental impact is a concern (especially waterways, ponds, and aquatic life) use Liquid select. It is biodegradable, has low toxicity and low corrosion . It is effective at temperatures below –15 degrees F.

Clean refrigerated coils with little or no effort. Blue in color.

Heavy Duty Acid cleaner for air conditioning coils. Red in color.